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Singaporean Entrepreneurs See Opportunities to Invest in Perak.

18 July 2022

Singaporean Entrepreneurs See Opportunities to Invest in Perak.

Perak’s economy has shown overall growth since the transition into the Endemic Phase of Covid-19. And this has opened up opportunities for foreign investment in various sectors.

State Assembly Speaker, Dato’ Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid said that Perak was rich in natural resources and has great potential to attract investors, particularly those from Singapore.

“The presence of 100 entrepreneurs from Singapore to the city of Ipoh is a good sign for the recovery of the state’s economy.

“I hope that with their visit to Ipoh, that new opportunities will be seized and business agreements can be signed”, he told Ipoh Echo in a press conference in conjunction with the Bond Holdings and SOEN (Spotlight On Entrepreneurs) Networking Session Dinner at WEIL Hotel, Ipoh yesterday.

Among those present were Former Member of Parliament for Singapore, Muhamad Amrin Muhamad Amin; Bond Holdings CEO Ong Teng Boon and SOEN Founder Joseph Chong.

At the same time, the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud signed the Singapore-Ipoh Cross-Border Investment for the purchase of 10 units of Bond Suites, Ipoh with Ello Fintech Chief Executive, Steven Lau.